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As an entrepreneur, I understand the importance of sending out quotations after a promising meeting and verbal agreement with clients. The critical time in between meetings and business operations results in missed opportunities. To prevent this from happening and mindful of the time constraint, I have jumped right into identifying the

  1. Problem statement, 
  2. Solution statement
  3. Deep dive into Competitors Analysis


Problem Statement

In today’s quick paced world where freelancers and clients are fighting for time, creating quotes for sign off should not be a time consuming factor holding up projects. 

Solution Statement

Create a seamless way for users (freelancers) to create quotes and deliver quotes to clients for acceptance easily.

The top 4 software platform for quotations and invoicing have been selected for the competitors analysis based on their user interface and user experience qualities. 

The main qualities analysis are:

  1. Navigation accessibility,
  2. Language used - Is the language commonly used and easy to comprehend?,
  3. Information architecture - Is the structure of the website constructed and categorised correctly? Is it easily comprehensible for a user?,
  4. Generate proposals - Does the software/platform have the capability to generate proposals? ,
  5. Generate quote templates - Does this software/platform have the capability to quote templates? In this situation, invoice generation for some platforms such as Xero and Workflowmax. ,
  6. Seamless delivery to client - Does this software/platform have the capability to deliver to the client with a click of the "send" button?,
  7. Client acceptance - Can the client accept the quotes with a click of the "accept" button?,
  8. Mobile browser usability - Is the software/platform user friendly on the mobile web browser? and
  9. Mobile app usability - Is the software/platform user friendly on the app?.

For each analysis category, the software/platform has been scored 1 as the worst and 5 as the best. The 4 software/platform analysis are PandaDoc, Workflowmax, Quotient and Xero. Among the 4, Quotient is scored the highest at 35/45 across the categories. 

Using the findings as a benchmark, the highlighted opportunities helped move the project quickly into the conceptualisation phase. 

All call-to-action has been designed above the fold at top navigation. Once user switched to a mobile view, the design is fluid and provides the same functionality as the desktop.

The golden path for user accessibility to create quotes is, once user logs in. The user have the ability to view dashboard of recent activities and easily click on to "Create new quotes" on the top navigation bar or if they access through the Quotes tab and click through to "Create new quotes". 

The design is created to provide quick and easy access for user to create quotes on the go on any page that they are on.

The idea behind the layout construction is to ensure that the website is as modular as possible where user have the ability to add items as they go. E.g. a repeater. 

The "save & view" button allows the user to save their quotes and view the quote as the client does. This way it provides the user the flexibility to edit accordingly. 

Once the user has sent the quote out, the quote is sent directly to the clients inbox. If the quote has not been opened, it will be categorised under "Awaiting Acceptance" with the symbol "unseen". A "follow up" button has been designed next to each awaiting acceptance quote to allow the user to follow up with the client.

When the user click on "follow up" button, they have the ability to send email to the client if only the email address of the client has been added against the clients details. 

The user has the ability to click-to-call if they click on the button on their mobile devices.

Refer to first image for dashboard view.

If the client has accepted the quote by clicking "accept", the quotes will be categorised as "accepted" within the dashboard allowing project to commence quickly internally.

Similarly, if templates have been previously created, the user can click on to it to create new quotes for client by inputting their details for sent out. 

It is recommended to conduct a detailed user research phase such as:

  • User Personas
  • Scenario Creation
  • Story Boarding of the User Journey
  • Task analysis for user testing
  • Recruitment of user participants for a walk through process

to provide a usability testing on the website for iterations. Followed by engage a visual designer to enhance the visual aspect of the site before discussion to roll out an app based on the product.

If budget is a constraint, it is recommended to use an app wrapper that wraps the mobile web browser. 

I hope you enjoyed my approach. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions.