MYOB wants a redesign to one of their legacy pages (refer to image above) within MYOB website. The 48 hours challenge was a UX, UI, visual redesign to align with MYOB branding that ensures all content is available or accessible. In order to pinpoint the design opportunities available within the market, I have performed an in­depth discovery as you can see under Phase 1 from the timeline shown below.

User Research Phase

User research analysis is vital for my expert evaluation on user behaviour needs, motivations and expectations. With a 48 hour time constraint, the user research methods conducted were focused on user interview and affinity diagramming. 

Users felt     ●  overwhelmed and oppressed when presented with the web page     ●  did not understand what the product/service is

Users felt

●  overwhelmed and oppressed when presented with the web page

●  did not understand what the product/service is

To gain an understanding of users behaviour to MYOB webpage, I have interviewed ten respondents. These participants were selected based on their willingness for participation, availability and their experiences using similar accounting software services. 


I have conducted remote phone interviews with each individual participants, using the same script of open ­ended questions to keep the results consistent. 

The purpose for asking open­ ended questions is to: 

●  Have an understanding of users reaction when they first view the page

●  Gage their personality traits and needs for persona creation

●  Find empathy and user pain ­points

Affinity Diagramming methodology was used as it taps into the creativity and intuition skills. The users pain points were able to be organised in such a manner where the top level design opportunities were highlighted. 


  • Product cost transparency (price vs value)

  • Customised product

  • Product content (visual vs words)

  • Trust (Brand) 

Competitive analysis was performed on 3 websites: Xero, Oracle and SAP based on their similar product offerings to MYOB, which helped identify design opportunities available for MYOB. This was performed to understand the competitive landscape in which MYOB operated within. By understanding this and also using a consistent measure to evaluate against, exposes opportunities to improve and leverage MYOB existing strengths to improve sales and retain loyalty from their users.

A heuristic evaluation has been performed. The quantitative data can be seen from the table below. Each competitor was evaluated with the ranking from bad (1) to the best (5). 

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Too messy and cluttered / Too technical

  2. Able to locate but too a while

  3. Experience could be better, but could also be worst

  4. Good but could benefit from a little more work

  5. Great, could not be better

From the competitive analysis, I have identified significant design opportunities:

●  allow users to understand what product/service offerings are at a glance.

●  digestible information (by adding appropriate visuals) with it readily available.

●  responsive web design as 90% of the users (interviewed) were accessing the webpage
from mobile devices. 

Create a seamless way to present product information that is easily digestible for users.
— Solution statement

Conceptualisation phase

Now that I have identified the issues and design opportunities for both users and businesses as a whole, I have created a design solution for a visually pleasing modular lay out where contents are easily accessible without missing any information.

The low fidelity prototype started using paper that is low cost and helps iterate quickly. 

I moved on quickly to a high fidelity prototype using industry standard software, UXPin.

To view the widescreen (pc dimensions: 1224 px), please see option 1 design below. 

Evon Tan Web Design Option 1.png

I have designed a second widescreen (pc dimensions: 1224 px) high fidelity prototype using industry standard software, UXPin.

In addition, I have designed a high fidelity web responsive prototype (iPhone 6 dimensions: 375 px) using industry standard software, UXPin where the modular layout would be fluid across all devices.

Refer to the following annotations to have an overview on my interaction design solution.

It is recommended that MYOB web page is responsive so that the website layout is fluid and changes to suit the device it is being viewed with, making it easy for users to access the page regardless of the device that they are browsing from. The experience for the users across all devices at one unique destination is thus optimised and pleasant.

The structure I have provided in the desktop web prototype is modular, so it can be adapted easily to both mobile and tablet devices. 

As the challenge is within 48 hours, recommendations for next step would be to conduct a proper usability testing with a group of user participants after

●  working closely with MYOB visual design team to implement colour scheme for clear
call­-to­-action motivation

●  complete a more in­depth user research to establish personas, journey mapping, scenarios and  
     tasks analysis

●  conduct a series of usability testing on both desktop web design prototype and mobile web
    design prototype

Most importantly, an interview with the business owner of the legacy page would provide a business goal in mind from the start.